Beth Ely, R.N., Ph.D.

Lead Nurse Researcher
Center for Pediatric Nursing Research and Evidence Based Practice


Ely received the 2014 Excellence in Nursing Research Award from the Society of Pediatric Nurses in recognition of her significant contributions to research in pediatric pain management. She leads CHOP’s interdisciplinary studies to understand and manage pain in patient areas including oncology, medical units and the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. She also studies the effectiveness of cognitive behavioral and nonpharmacologic pain management strategies.

What’s next?

“We’re doing really interesting research that uses pet therapy dogs to help children with anxiety before they are sedated or have a needle stick. We’re finding that having a dog with them damps down their anxiety and makes the experience much more pleasant. We’re also exploring how children on the autism spectrum, who may not show emotion, can better be assessed for pain.”