Beverly L. Davidson, Ph.D.

Director, Center for Cellular and Molecular Therapeutics
Arthur V. Meigs Endowed Chair in Pediatrics


Davidson brought her stellar international reputation to Children’s Hospital to lead the center as it continues to push the frontier of gene therapy. Davidson, formerly associate director of Gene Therapy and director of the Gene Therapy Vector Core at the University of Iowa, focuses her personal research on inherited genetic diseases that attack the central nervous system, including those that start in childhood.

What’s next?

“The center will continue its research focus on blood disorders, plans to expand its efforts in advancing oncology treatments and is in a growth mode in the area of inherited brain diseases. My nine Iowa colleagues and I also bring a larger repertoire of vectors and a background in designer vectors, which will be used to introduce the ‘corrected genes’ to the appropriate affected tissues in patients. We will also be reaching out to other investigators interested in treating childhood illness with gene therapy. It’s an amazing time for this field.”