Phillip B. “Jay” Storm, M.D.

Chief, Division of Neurosurgery
Leslie N. Sutton Endowed Chair in Pediatric Neurosurgery


Storm, who came to CHOP in 2003, became chief in January 2014. His surgical practice is primarily focused on brain tumors and complex spine tumors. He has pioneered several procedures and is recognized as a leader in endoscopic skull base surgery and complex reconstructive spine surgery. Storm has also spearheaded an innovative brain tumor tissue bank consortium, where samples of a wide variety of tumors can be studied and the data shared with the goal of developing more precisely targeted chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

What’s next?

“Cancers identified under the microscope as identical are actually significantly different genetically, which explains why some respond to a particular therapy while some don’t. Because pediatric brain tumors are rare compared to lung, colon, breast and prostate tumors, we need more hospitals to join the consortium to contribute their pediatric brain tumors. We’ll use the data, ultimately, to provide personalized care for each child, leading to higher survival rates and limited
side effects.”